Masters in Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing (Wits University)

4 years


Perceverence Khumalo

Perceverence is a brilliant young lady, who has qualifications in the following; BSC Environmental Science , BSC Honors in Environmental Science and a Masters in Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing from the University of Witwatersrand as well as numerous other certifications from other academic institutions. Perceverence has been a recipient of several academic accolades such as Certificates of First Class in Economic Geography ,Thinking Geographically: Concepts and Practices in Human Geography as well as Postgraduate Honors Merit Awards throughout her tertiary education. She is a dedicated and hardworking GIS and Remote Sensing Analyst with over 3 years experience working with ArcGIS, ENVI, GRASS and QGIS software for developing GIS databases, data creation and manipulations from diverse sources such as field surveys, aerial photos and satellite imagery.

Perceverence loves sharing knowledge and helping people reach their potential. She understands the frustration of not having confidence in one's schoolwork and sometimes working hard but not seeing the results, her understanding comes from a background of not being very sharp at school but then someone helped her gain confidence and made her believe she was intelligent, and her school life got better and so did her grades. She has hardened the skill of being patient, understanding and being soft spoken to not appear intimidating to learners. She knows how to easily adapt to different students and she truly understands that no two students are the same and therefore cannot be taught or helped the same way.

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