Online Tutor

One on one tutoring conducted online

Who is this for?
Grade (R-12), University Students and Home schooling students
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Over 50 subjects available for online tutoring

(primary and high school curriculum includes CAPS, IEB and CAMBRIDGE syllabuses)

University courses also include (Economics, Mathematics, Statistic, Engineering courses, Accounting,Finance , Biology and many others)

Online Tutor

One on one tutoring conducted online

This is ideal for students who need

  • Boost their marks and develop their confidence in a subject
  • Master everything taught in class and learn ahead of the class
  • Exam Preparation and revision
  • Assignment consultations
  • Weekly or monthly assessment on academic performance
  • One on one personalized student attention
  • Students with special learning needs
  • Students who want to learn at the comfort of their home and convenience
  • Tailor made learning specific to the student’s learning style

Program Description

Our online tutoring program offers many of the same benefits and is also one-one, the student is able to interact with the tutor as they would in person as well as download the notes after each session. Online tutoring is the most convenient alternative to tutoring because it allows you to get tutoring anywhere in South Africa, or anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection. Online tutoring provides you with a much larger pool of tutors to select from and this improves your chances to get access to one of the best tutors around the country, basically you are spoilt for choice because there are no geographical barriers. The flexibility and freedom for both the student and the tutor, allows the tutoring process to be much smoother.

This service is also available in group sessions conducted on weekdays at fixed times

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