BEd Aeronautical Engineering (Wits University)

3 years


Janet Marozva

Janet is currently pursuing her studies at the University of Witwatersrand under the faculty of Built and Environment Engineering with her particularly studying Aeronautical Engineering. The drive behind the chosen field is her passion for Science and Mathematics and her desire to make a difference in the society in regard to this area. The primary and key reason she tutors is her strong belief in education, as it plays an important role in her life thus, she believes that applied knowledge is power and lack of it therefore results in a dwarfed generation.

Her 3 years of tutoring has enabled her to gain plenty of professional experience in both CAPS and IEB curriculum. She has also volunteered in various schools to help with after class lessons. This process has exposed her to more information on the skills she uses to tutor. She continues to strive for excellence and finds fulfilment in making a difference in every students’ life.

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