Sunday Classes

Online group sessions  (Also available as contact classes)

Who is this for?
Grade (10-12) and matric rewrites
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Our Sunday Group Classes are limited to the following subjects and grades;

  • Mathematics (Gr 8-12)
  • Mathematical Literacy (Grade 10-12)
  • Life Science (Grade 10-12)
  • Accounting (Grade 10-12)
  • Physical Science (Grade 10-12)

Sunday Classes

Online group sessions  (Also available as contact classes)

This is ideal for students who need

  • Boost their marks and develop their confidence in a subject
  • Master everything taught in class and learn ahead of the class
  • Group Exam revision and preparation
  • Assignment consultations
  • Weekly or monthly assessment on academic performance
  • Students who want to learn in small groups
  • Students who are willing to travel to get to our learning hubs.

Program description

These are online group sessions for grades 10-12, conducted every Sunday from 9:00am to 4:30 pm, where each subject is taught for the duration 1hr 30min in small groups. These classes are conducted by our highly trained tutors.  

Our classes are interactive and encourage peer to peer learning this allows for students to connect with other students from different schools around the country and learn from each other. We group our students based on their learning styles to allow for more effective learning.

Our program ensures that students are taught examination techniques and they are assisted to fully grasp the concepts that they were taught in class during the week. These group classes are also available as contact sessions in our learning hub based in Johannesburg.

(curriculum only includes CAPS syllabus)

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