Many people don’t see the importance of learning mathematics in high school because of the ‘stigma’ that you don’t need to find x on a day to day basis. However, mathematics does more than that. The fact that most university courses require good marks in mathematics is an indication that the subject plays a pivotal role in many careers. Mathematics develops critical thinking, builds analytic minds, promotes wisdom and enables complex problem solving skills. 

Since mathematics is that essential, learning the subject correctly and thoroughly comes into play. Now, let’s be real; not everyone was born with a natural talent for mathematics, that is why you need to find the best tutor to help you conquer one of the toughest but crucial subjects in school. 

Finding an excellent tutor is not an easy task but if you are aware about what you need, it makes the whole process worth your time. Here are the top qualities you should look for in a mathematics tutor:

Teaching Skills

Your tutor needs to have a natural talent and ability to relay information for the benefit of someone else. You may be good in mathematics, but fail miserably when trying to help someone else. Therefore, it is important that your tutor is knowledgeable in mathematics and has a skill in teaching. 


As much as a tutor helps you learn, it is important that you learn on your own along the way. This means that your tutor needs to ask questions, provides encouragement and support, as well as ensures your understanding by requiring you to answer some questions. 

Communication Skills

You need to be able to communicate properly with your tutor. This goes beyond tutoring sessions; you need to build trust outside the study hours whether it is through texts, emails or phone calls. You need that comfortability that is still within the boundaries of a student and tutor. 

Passion in Mathematics

Mathematics is not an easy subject nor is it fun for some people, however, your tutor needs to have some level of passion in the subject for the learning process to be more beneficial on both ends. Their passion will give them the excitement to bring out the part in you that starts grasping the hardest concepts of the subject.

Patience is a Virtue

Mathematics is difficult to learn so you do not need someone temperamental or impatient to tutor you in such a subject. You might get things right after 5 or 10 tries; you need a tutor that is willing to endure such a process without losing their patience or getting frustrated with you. They should be able to explain over and over again if need be with a smile on their face. 

You can see for yourself that it takes a lot to be the best mathematics tutor, therefore, make sure you know what you are looking for and never lower your standards as this is contributing to building your future.