Homeschooling just like most things in life has its benefits and disadvantages , however some misconceptions around homeschooling have resulted in the increased negative view of homeschooling. Most parents lack information regarding Home Education and this has resulted in these misconceptions. Understanding these misconceptions will bring more perspective into Why parents should consider homeschooling for their kids. In this article we highlight the Top 4 Misconceptions about Homeschooling;

1. Homeschooled kids are nerds and grow to have no interests 

  • Being home-schooled gives children time to explore other hobbies outside of school which are good for their personal development.

2. Homeschooled children struggle to get into university 

  • Because home schooling is recognized legally in South Africa, this is not true.
  • Homeschooled kids are regarded as more disciplined and mature than regular school going children 
  • However, parents need to plan ahead because universities have different entry requirements where home-schoolers are involved 

3. Only qualified teachers can homeschool

  • Anyone with a high school education can home school their children, better yet tutors who have experience in assisting children.
  •  There is a lot of material available to assist parents in this journey, like curriculums are available 

4. Homeschooled kids are not socialized 

  • Bullying and peer pressure is prevalent in primary school and sometimes leads to children having low self-esteem over the years 
  • Home schooled children have enough socialization from their immediate family, relatives, and friends from other social places in which they are found and due to Covid-19, socialization is not an option for our kids either.