Home school is a different form of an education system where children learn at home or at different places outside of a school institute. In South Africa, home schooling is not a trend because of the misconceptions that are around this avenue of learning and the lack of information that parents have regarding home schooling. 

There is, however, a big difference between homeschooling and home schooling support. Home schooling support speaks to the resources that parents use to create a homeschooling space that will best support their child’s education. 

Homes schooling is breaking away from traditional education systems for various reasons; dissatisfaction with the available options, religious philosophies or even for reasons like the current pandemic that the world is facing. 

Now, home school support assists parents with creating an educational structure in their home that will not handicap their children’s academic growth and eventual futures. Now, this support ranges from networks, materials to tutors; here are 3 home schooling support resources that parents should consider if they want to transition into homeschooling their children:

  • You need to find and join home school networks or groups. Getting into such networks allows you to have encouragement and support to help you transition into homeschooling your children. Whether it is looking for advice from experienced parents or when you are overwhelmed and need to relate to someone in a similar position as you. These groups go a long way into giving parents a solid support system through the entire process. 
  • Research is a resource that everyone needs and more so parents who are considering homeschooling their children for the first time. This research process will help you learn the pros and cons of homeschooling, where to get material, how home schooled children write tests or exams, online homeschooling platforms and the list goes on. Information, especially for the betterment of your children is priceless.
  • Tutors are a pivotal resource for homeschool support. Just because your children are being homeschooled, that does not mean you are solely the one who has to teach your children. Tutors’, like Triple Lotus, main purpose is to work with scholars in order for them to understand their curriculum. Tutors can then help create a school structure for your children and ensure that they grasp their school material through constant sessions built around your schedule. 

Now, these are by no means the only support resources available to parents but they do rank at the top of the list in terms of importance. Now that you know the difference between homeschooling and homeschooling support, what step are you going to take for your child’s future. Regardless of the choice, Triple Lotus tutors are equipped to make your child’s academic journey a fulfilling one.