1. Get Organised

Set up a place at home solely for studying, make sure you always have all the study material you need in your study areas for minimal to no distractions. 

2. Set Priorities

Top students brook no intrusions on study time. Once the books are open or the computer is booted up, phone calls go unanswered, TV shows unwatched, snacks ignored. Study is business; business comes before recreation. Here are some time management strategies all successful people use.

3. Get Used to Reading

Go over your work, textbooks, additional materials and familiarise yourself with the subject you are studying. Engage with the basics and that should help you build up from there. 

4. Have a Schedule

Allocate your time to the different priorities of your day. Studying, leisure, exercise and sleep. Build a routine so that your mind and body are in sync while you study. 

5. Take Notes

There are things said in classes that may be forgotten easily but turn out to be important. Taking notes will remind you of the things that you learnt and probably forgot along the way. This is additional ammunition to own your material.

6. Stay Healthy

Drink water, sleep, exercise and eat brain foods like nuts and fish. Your body does not need to be strained by unhealthy habits which affects your brain and how you will retain information when you study. 

7. Ask

If you do not understand something, do not be afraid to speak up about it. You only injure yourself if you refrain from asking when you are struggling. Whether It is a teacher, fellow student or family member, make sure you seek help when you need it.

8. Study in Groups

Studying with others will help cement the information in your mind and find out different approaches to subjects that you may have not thought of. Teaching others also allows you to keep teaching yourself at the same time. 

9. Test Yourself

Use past papers as much as possible. There will be material that always appears and you are practicing test structured work which will help prepare you prepare for exams. This is also a way to find out where you lack and where you need to improve. 

10. Do More

The more you practice, the more you learn. Go beyond the material you are given at school and feed your mind with the right information.