The academic success of your child does not only depend on their dedication and performance; you as a parent play a major role too. Parents often have expectations of their children when it comes to their academic performance without being supportive in the journey to get there. There are a couple of ways you can support your child’s academics as a parent.

 You need to be aware of what your child is studying. Not necessarily the intricacies or basics for that matter; know that your child is studying sciences or practicing math for the day. The effort to show that you care will boost the determination of your child and also open the door for them to ask for help if they need it.

 Set high expectations. This does not mean you are expectant of A’s all the time as that will become added pressure on the child, however, let them know that you believe in their capabilities to achieve great marks.

 Use positive reinforcement. Let them know that you are proud of their efforts, that they deserve to excel because of the work they are putting in and that you are behind them no matter what.Your child will strive to make you proud and put in the extra push in their studies.

 Take the load off. Do not bombard your child with chores to do in the house. Allow them the

time they need during exam season to study and rest in order to best prepare for their exams.

This is not letting them slack off, rather, the energy they would have used to do their chores is

now focused on their studies.

 Join their routine. During your child’s study hours, ensure there is minimal to no disturbances and that they can maximize in their study times.It is important to also check on your child’s health. Watch what they eat and make sure they get enough hydration and rest. Being a support system calls for minimum effort; however, that small effort makes a world of difference in the eyes of your child. Playing your role will make seeing the outstanding marks more rewarding not only for them, but for you too.