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With working from home becoming the new norm, parents are forced to come up with alternative ways to help their school-going children succeed. Or, when you feel that your child is losing confidence in the classroom or even struggling to keep up with peers, it's time to intervene and help your child. It is in times like these when parents need to find a tutor for their child.

Tutors provide the support or scaffolding struggling, or less able children, may need in order to succeed academically. They are professionals who will spur gifted students to excel by introducing them to more advanced topics that the normal curriculum does not offer. The good news is that there are many institutions out there that offer tutoring services.

But then again, you need to find a tutor who will meet the needs of your children. The tough part? With many dedicated and reliable tutors, sifting through the many qualified ones is not an easy undertaking. You may find it daunting and taxing to find a tutor who will meet your requirements.

Finding a tutor- What to Consider

Don't just rush into your pursuit and think you will get the best tutor right away. Even if you think it might be easy to find a local tutor in your area, it is not always the case. There are strategies to consider to figure out how to find a tutor for your child. Have a look:

1. Qualifications

Working with a qualified tutor is rewarding and comes with many benefits. You have to check whether the tutor you are hiring is qualified and built for the task ahead. Check whether the tutor of choice has completed the relevant training courses or degrees. This is an expert that will lend a helping hand if your child is struggling with specific learning difficulties.

2. Experience

Check whether the tutor of choice has worked with children before. Keep in mind there are many experts out there who lack the passion and patience to work with children. Others don't have the experience to work effectively with students of a particular age or have specific needs. Find an experienced tutor who will help your children no matter how challenging the task might seem.

3. Passion

Enthusiasms and positive desires to help are crucial traits that tutors should possess. A passionate tutor will be excited and motivated to help students improve their weaknesses. A tutor with the drive and who thrives on helping children excel academically is the best to work with.

4. Expertise

If you are among many parents wondering, how do I find a tutor, ascertain more about how the tutor knows the area of expertise. Find someone well-acquainted with different areas that students find difficult learning.

Where to start?

Luckily, Triple Lotus has done all the leg work for you. With our diligent vetting process, we ensure that only the most qualified, passionate, and experienced experts join our list of tutors. Finding a tutor has just become a whole lot easier, see this page to view a list of our expanding tutors.

Settle for Online Tutoring Services Today

Online tutoring is almost a requirement these days, we have more in store for you and many other parents looking for a tutor for their children. Seeking referrals or recommendations and a search online makes it easy to find a tutor.

We offer exclusive learning opportunities, that you will, without a doubt, fall in love with. Our services help empower students with the right tools to unlock their potential and learn new things. We have well-research and one-of-a-kind study programs. Our tutors are experienced and hold high academic requirements. Hence, your children will have a clear path to academic excellence.

Our online tutor services are ideal for students who:

  • Need assignment consultation
  • Those who wish to improve their marks and develop their confidence
  • Examination preparing and revision
  • One-on-one personalized student attention
  • Special learning needs
  • Want to learn from the comfort of their home and
  • Want to enjoy tailor-made learning specifically for students in need of certain learning styles.

Get in touch today for top-notch tutor services, and learn from experts. We will as well help find a tutor who meets the academic needs of your children.

Strategies To Use When Looking For A Tutor

Thinking about finding a tutor?

Struggling in a particular field should not be an option when you have the choice of getting a tutor to help you. You will gain enormous benefits when you get a teacher to help you out as they will come up with strategies and lesson plans tailored to meet your needs.

Many students struggle in certain lessons since the lesson plan that most teachers have in class is that of an average student. Thus, they will proceed with the rate of an average student. If you cannot keep up with the pace, you will be left behind. Besides, with the large number of students, it is hardly possible for a teacher to notice a student that doesn’t understand. A tutor from Triple Lotus will give you full attention and find the challenges you face.

Given the fact that many tutors are offering their services, here are some strategies to use so that you can find an ideal tutor.

Find A Tutor Who Can Help You With What You Need

You might be struggling in some areas but are doing well in others. If so, you have to find a tutor who will help you with the areas you struggle with. If you are struggling with physics, get a physics tutor to help you. The same case applies if the problem is math.

Avoid all-rounded tutors as they do not specialize in a particular subject. Thus, it might not help you out. Get someone qualified to teach a particular subject, and experienced at their job.

Set Your Expectations

A common question amongst students is, how can I get free homework online? If you are looking for a tutor to help you with your homework, set your expectations. You need to get a tutor who can meet your expectations and help you achieve your goal.

You need to be clear with what your expectations are and then choose accordingly. Math, for instance, is a broad subject. If you need help with calculus, you have to find a tutor who is a pro on such matters. Besides, you ought to warrant that they can manage the level of assistance you need.

Ask As Many Questions

Before you settle on your tutor, you need to be sure that they are suited to help you out. Finding a single tutor online among the many offering the service is not an easy project. Thus, you have to ensure you have asked many questions to get someone who will provide you with the best.

Some things you need to find out are

  • The experience they have
  • The age of their students
  • Why they enjoy teaching
  • The teaching method they will use

If you are in doubt or feel the tutor you are thinking of using is not ideal, the best option is to reconsider.

Are They Legit?

Before you start signing up for- Get help with homework for free; find out if the tutor is legit. Though it is possible to find individual tutors you can trust, using a website like Triple Lotus will help you get the help you need.

Most of the sites have vetted the tutors, and if you choose one from the website, you are bound to get someone who will aid you. Note that not everyone online can be trusted, and for that, you have to ensure you have found someone with an excellent reputation.

Pick A Platform That Is Right For You

Choosing a tutor through a platform has its set of benefits. However, you have to ensure that you select a teacher that is ideal for you to use. When looking for homework help online, the company you choose will affect the results.

An ideal platform will be easy to use and navigate. Some things you have to look for are

  • The visibility of the available tutors
  • The option to filter and choose tutors that meet with your needs
  • An option to chat with the tutor before you buy a lesson
  • A free lesson option to help you determine if the tutor you have in mind is ideal for you
  • The payment options and whether they are secure

Triple Lotus is known to be a reliable platform where you can easily connect with tutors.

Coaching Services

It might be that you are not straining in class, but need the motivation to study. If so, you need a coach. The coach will help you with issues like

  • Managing time
  • Proper learning skills
  • Ways to take exams
  • How to boost marks
  • Transitioning into a new education phase

Our coach finding service is known to connect students with coaches who will aid in keeping them on track. With the right coach, you will be empowered to attain your goals.