Productivity is often influenced by the setting; how well you do in a task is based on where you are while performing that task. When it comes to studying, that notion could not be any truer. Studying at home can prove harder than studying at school or at a library. At home, there is every possible distraction and when you have nowhere else to go - for instance, the lock-down we are currently in - you have to figure a way to open those books regardless.Instead of giving up and becoming a couch potato, here are a few tips that help you in making studying at home more effective:

1. Create a study Location

Here, being intentional is key. Set up a desk and a chair where you would be least distracted as a study location. Make sure it is a place where you will be comfortable for long periods of time and where there are little to no electronics in order to avoid your attention from being diverted. This will bring your mind into study mode.

2. Incorporate Engaging Studying

To make sure you are actually retaining information when you study, be more engaging with yourself.Set up goals you want to achieve for each study session and assess how much you know after each study session. This appears to be repetitive, but it isn’t. This is a method of ensuring that your studying isn’t futile and it helps you self-introspect on where you need to improve.

3. Find Your Hour

You need to figure out which part of the day is more fruitful for your brain in terms of concentration levels, reception and retaining of information and overall activeness. Studying at different times everyday may not be as productive as it seems; find the set of hours, whether it is in the morning or at night,when you will be at your best.

4. Don’t Overwork Yourself

Excessive studying is not helping you in any way. You need to maintain healthy habits even when you study. Take enough breaks, drink enough water, get some fresh air, eat proper meals and sleep for enough hours. Do not compromise on your health. Your brain will work better when you are healthy –mind and body.

5. Create A Reward System

Treat yourself. After every chapter or topic studied, allow yourself a treat as motivation to press onward. Studying isn’t always fun, it is actually quite daunting for most people so this is one way to pat yourself in the back if you finish your studying for the day.

6. Study Daily

Do not ever save all your studying for the last few days before an exam. The overload of information can cause your brain to crash, leaving you to stare blankly at your exam. Studying while there is still time means you have more time to feed your brain until you know your work like the palm of your hand.Study smart and study hard, even in the comfort of your own home.