Schools will be gradually opening and you are probably nervous about what to expect and what to do to keep yourself safe. The COVID-19 global pandemic has not been eradicated but life needs to keep moving and so does your education. This does not in any way imply that everything is back to normal and the virus is no longer a threat to you and those around you. 

This then means that you need to be prepared for school amidst a pandemic because business is not as usual. Your health and safety are solely in your hands and you need to ensure that you are going above and beyond to keep yourself safe.

Here are a few tips that can help you transition from the confines of your home to the outside world that is not the same way you left it months ago:

  • Be in control of what is happening around you. This means you are informed and aware of what to expect and you safeguard yourself based on that knowledge. That sense of control will help you become less anxious and stressed as you will be the one who decides how to deal with yourself and others once you step into the school gates. 
  • Know how to react should you accidently expose yourself to risk. Do not just panic; thoroughly wash your hands with soap, drink warm water, sanitize yourself and avoid the risk from occurring again.
  • Wash your hands constantly. Before you eat, after you eat, after using the restroom and every time you change classes. It is to safeguard against germs that are on surfaces that you will be touching during school. You can sometimes swap out washing your hands with using hand sanitizer. 
  • Do not be influenced by your peers with false information or exposing yourself for the fun of it. Peer pressure in a pandemic cold prove detrimental for you so be firm in your decisions and do not be swayed by what others are doing round you. 
  • Do not be physical. Hugs and handshakes should be avoided at all costs. You do not know how cautious others were during the lockdown if they were cautious to begin with. To keep yourself safe, make sure to adhere to social distancing and rather focus on the main objective of going to school. 
  • Avoid sharing food and liquids. Bring your own food and drinks so that you aren’t exposing yourself to potential risk from other people’s homes where you do not know the level of caution they have been following during the pandemic. 

Work hard and focus on your education. This is not an opportunity to socialise but for you to work towards the future goals you have set for yourself. Remember, if you expose yourself to risk and don’t follow the necessary precautions that are in place, you are not only endangering yourself, but your peers, your educators and your family. 

Stay safe and stay aware.