Sciences are highly regarded in society. You will find that many industries that are pivotal for daily living rely on sciences such as medicine, biochemistry, engineering, ITC, astronomy and so much more. Now, everyone knows that sciences are hard and that there are only a handful of people that ever really get it and own it. However, we are going to change that today. Here are 10 tips that will not only help you understand whichever science you are learning; these will make sure you own science. 

1.Extend Your Study Time:

Science is not common ground; unlike English or Math where a foundation is laid from an early stage and built on gradually. That is why it is important to study an extra mile. The time in class is not enough for you to fully comprehend concepts; for every hour you are in class, allocate 2 hours to study for that class. 

2.Use Flash Cards

This can be for terminologies, concepts, topic summaries or just as another study method. Flashcards drive prompts into your mind to remember things easier without the cluster of information in your textbook. 

3.Invest in your Memory

When you learn something new, it imprints into your short memory but sometimes after a while, you forget because no reinforcements were made for the longevity of that information. Read notes continuously, constantly and pace yourself while you do it. Do not compress your revision into a week before tests or exams. Learning is daily.

4.Actively Study

This can include doing extra activities in the labs, continually drawing processes and structures, explaining what you are learning to others and answering the recommended questions in your textbook. 

5.Study Groups

We sometimes fail to understand or grasp information because studying alone is not always conducive or productive. This is where you join a study group and maximize each other’s strengths. 

6.Mock Tests 

This not only simulates your mind to answering questions in a pressured environment but it allows you to learn the similarities in the structures that science exams are put together. This gives you a slight advantage with regards to your mental preparations that contribute to your confidence and remembrance once you start writing those exams. 

7.Take Advantage of Easy Marks

In every test, there are always easy marks that make up a big chunk of your final score when put together. Don’t let those go to waste. Totalize on these; when you struggle with the harder sections, you know you have made up for it by excelling in the easier parts. 

8.Real Life Application

It is easier to remember things that connect to our real life. With that being said, try and apply the concepts you learn in science to your daily life and see how they stop looking complex and begin to make more sense. Don’t leave your work in the classroom, take it with you as you live each day. 


Are you struggling with a term, a concept or a science project; ask your educator for help. You are a student and you are in that class to get better. It is your teacher's job to make sure that every student grasps the work, even if it is miniscule understanding. 

10.Get a Tutor

There is a point where you have to accept that you are not capable of owning science without support and you get that support from a science tutor. Find a tutor that specializes in sciences and allow them to make this dark road brighter for you. There is no shame in admitting defeat, the shame lies in giving up.