Private Online Tutoring in South Africa

One-on-one online tutoring from Grade RR to postgraduate studies.

Who is this for?
Grade (RR-12), University Students and Home schooling students
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Over 50 subjects available for online tutoring

(primary and high school curriculum includes CAPS, IEB and CAMBRIDGE syllabuses)

University courses also include (Economics, Mathematics, Statistic, Engineering courses, Accounting,Finance , Biology and many others)

Private Online Tutoring in South Africa

One-on-one online tutoring from Grade RR to postgraduate studies.

Our one-on-one online tutor service empowers every student with tools that unlock their maximum academic potential. Through well-researched and strategic study programs led by tutors with high academic requirements, our students have a clear path to academic success.

This is ideal for students who need

  • Boost their marks and develop their confidence in a subject
  • Master everything taught in class and learn ahead of the class
  • Exam Preparation and revision
  • Assignment consultations
  • Weekly or monthly assessment on academic performance
  • One on one personalized student attention
  • Students with special learning needs
  • Students who want to learn at the comfort of their home and convenience
  • Tailor made learning specific to the student’s learning style

Program Description

Our online tutoring service for primary, high school and university students nurtures each student to help them realise their maximum academic potential. We conduct free diagnostic tests and consultations before the actual service begins. This allows our tutors to review each student’s academic performance and learning style, and as a result, provide a sense of clarity in oftentimes murky academic struggles.

Why invest in private online tutoring?

Online tutoring is the most convenient alternative to tutoring because it allows you to get tutoring anywhere in South Africa, or anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection. The flexibility and freedom for both the student and the tutor, allows the tutoring process to be much smoother.

In addition to the flexibility that online tutoring program offers, it unlocks the doors to better tutor services. 

The lack of geographical barriers gives you access to a much larger pool of tutors, including some of the best that the country has to offer. The convenience of a virtual pool of tutors also makes it easier to switch to a new one if the previous tutor’s teaching style doesn’t match the student’s learning curb.

Why choose Triple Lotus?

Our online tutoring program offers many of the same benefits that in-person tutoring offers. It’s also a one-on-one service, so the student is able to interact with the tutor as they would in person as well as download the notes after each session. Convenience isn’t the only thing we bring to the table, though.

We require our tutors to have high academic qualifications and undergo a rigorous screening process before we assign them to a student. A passion for helping students reach their maximum academic potential is also required. 

Our qualified tutors are well-trained in our tutor code of conduct. They can adjust easily to each student’s learning needs, including special needs. You can track the learner’s progress through continued feedback, weekly assessments and monthly performance assessments of the one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Additionally, our tutors provide recommendations to boost each student’s learning process.

How do you get started?

Our tutors are like lotus farmers that teach students to emerge from murky waters and flourish as curious and well-educated individuals. We tap into each student’s learning potential and guide them on the right track in their academic journey through these simple steps:

1. Plant the seed.

Connect with us. Let us know your preferred dates and times for tutoring sessions. Specify any special learning requirements, too. We’ll get in touch with you to kick-start the tutor matching process.

2. Emerge.

Let’s find the best tutor for you. We have experienced learner strategists to choose a pre-screened tutor based on your preferences. Then, we settle the lesson package and get started with the first lesson.

3. Flourish.

The tutor starts with an assessment of the learner’s academic gaps and progress. Then, they create an attainable action plan. From there, the tutor helps the student reach their maximum learning potential.

Triple Lotus bridges the gap between teachers and students through strategic one-on-one tutoring programs that appeal to each student’s academic need and learning style. This service is also available in group sessions conducted on weekdays at fixed times.

Our services are available in Johannesburg and anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

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