Group Packages

For RR-12 & University students

Who is this for?
This service is available for High School & University Students for online and in person tutoring
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We have the following packages:

  1. Study with a buddy package
  2. Family package

Get up to 15% off on your one one one bundle when you bring 2-5 buddies. Sessions are intimate and interactive, conducted for all subjects and grades.

High school curriculum includes CAPS, IEB and CAMBRIDGE syllabuses
University courses also include Economics, Mathematics, Statistic, Engineering courses, Accounting, many other

Group Packages

For RR-12 & University students

This is ideal for students who need

  • Boost their marks and develop their confidence in a subject
  • Master everything taught in class and learn ahead of the class
  • Exam Preparation and revision
  • Assignment consultations
  • Weekly or monthly assessment on academic performance
  • One on one personalized student attention
  • Students with special learning needs
  • Students who want to learn at the comfort of their home and convenience
  • Tailor made learning specific to the student’s learning style

Program Description

This program is offered as online and in person group sessions for high school and university students. These classes are conducted by our highly trained tutors.

Family Package:

We believe that a family that studies together stays together.Our program is for family members who need extra tuition, that caters for all their academic needs without  increasing the cost and allowing all family learning to be centralized.Our package caters for parents who are still studying as well as children who are in primary,highschool as well tertiary.Our program provides continuous assessments , assignment assistance, personalized learning and exam techniques.

Study with a buddy package:

We believe that you don't have to just play with your buddy, you can also study with your buddy.This package allows for students to study in groups of 2-5  students.The rates are lower compared to one-one on sessions,however the benefits could be more or less the same.Our Study with a buddy sessions are interactive and encourage peer to peer learning, this allows for students to connect with other students and learn from each other. Our program ensures that students are taught examination techniques and they are assisted to fully grasp the concepts that they were taught in class during the week

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