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What sets Triple Lotus apart?

What Sets Us Apart

  • Qualified, professional tutors
    Our tutors are qualified professionals, graduates and excelling university students that have gone through a rigorous selection process and high academic requirements to ensure top quality and an excellent tutoring experience. Our tutors are well trained and governed by our tutor code of conduct that ensures that they act in the best interest of the learner. In any event that you are dissatisfied with tutor performance you will be assigned to a different tutor at no additional cost, this will give you the opportunity find what best works for you.
  • We understand our students
    We understand that each student has a different way of absorbing knowledge. Our services cater for a variety subjects and learning needs, you are sure to find what best suit you. Through our home assistance the student gets personalized assistance specifically tailored according to the student’s pace and learning style. Our online tutoring program allows you to connect with one of the best tutors in the country without any geographical barriers or need for physical contact, basically you are spoilt for choice. Sunday classes these are group classes for grade 10-12 for Math, Science and Commercial subjects, these classes incorporate bridging programs, mentorship programs and career guidance programs.
  • Passionate about our students' success
    We are passionate about helping students reach their maximum academic potential and we won’t stop at anything to achieve just that.

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Triple Lotus is committed to empower students by improving their grades. Why not start today?

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